The Fury of Nature
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"Chai-Khana intended to publish its new edition on environmental issues on June 15. However due to the devastating flood in Tbilisi, which took the lives of dozens, we considered it appropriate to postpone publishing. Our materials are about the issues, which represent a potential risk to our health and lives, and can be a reason for disasters alike, will be publicly available soon. The Chai-Khana team expresses our condolences to the beloved ones and families of the victims, wishing a quick recovery to those who have suffered losses. Here is Chai Khana's photo story about the devastating flood in Tbilisi, which happened on June 14, 2015."

Disclaimer: May contain some disturbing images. Viewer discretion advised".

A Fury of Nature

Heavy rainfall during the night 13 to 14 June caused severe flash flooding in Tblisi, Georgia. The overflow of the Vere River, centred in the Vake and Saburtalo neighbourhoods, was among some of the most densely populated districts in the centre of the city. According to the media, multiple people died or went missing. The public transportation was not functioning, some districts were without electricity, and several roads were either blocked or destroyed.


Inundated zoo
Damaged cars left on the Hero Square
A capsized car in the zoo
Apparently the owner of the car either ran away or fell out of the car leaving a key inside
A damaged building along the Vere River
Cleaning service removing the dirt from the Hero Square
Flood released a Zoo in the City

The flooding of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi was unexpected made worldwide news, not least because it released a zoo full of wild animals into the city.  Lions, tigers and a Hippo roam the streets after the disaster destroyed their zoo. A hippo was looking dazed after being tranquilized in the middle of a big city, frightened bears were seeking safety or dead animals were lying  in the flood. For the first hours after the flooding, the inhabitants of Tbilisi were looking for lions and tigers in the streets, that might be dangerous for people's lives. However, the escaped tiger killed a man in the street and Georgian police shoot the tiger. 
It has also emerged that one of the zoo’s penguins swam till the neighboring Azerbaijan. Zoo officials said the penguin floated downriver and was picked up at a bridge near the Azeri-Georgian border. 


Tbilisi Flood Creates a Wave of Volunteers

Thousands of volunteers have come to Tbilisi to help with the recovery. They clean the mud and collect money to help the victims of the flood. People made a chain and were passing the branches that blocked the way for heavy equipment and organized  donations of clothing. People of Tbilisi are working together to overcome this natural disaster.




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