The Hard Life of Denis
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Denis, 27, born with disabilities, was left by his parents. He is living in the shelter of elderly people. Denis did not get an education. The only source of his income is a retirement stipend.


Denis, 27, born with disabilities and was left by parents.
Denis lived in different orphanages, then in boarding houses.

Denis did not get a full education.
For over half a year he is living in a boarding house for elderly people.
Conditions in the boarding house are not appropriate for life.
There are not any conditions for people with armchairs in the boarding house.
There is no elevator, ramp and other conditions.
High humidity and dampness in this shelter, is bad for health for the people who live here.
Denis spends all day long in his small room, where he cooks for himself.
The food allocated by the state is sometimes not enough. Therefore, Denis spends his retirement for his living. (127 AZN as a person with disabilities of the first group).
Chai Khana
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