The Revival of 90s Fashion
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In recent years, the fashion world has experienced a return to the past.Especially the trends of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s years  have started to reappear. In  the spring and summer of 2016, the spirit of the 90s was mostly felt. It is possible to see  in the wardrobe of young women, overalls, mom and skinny denim trousers, shorts, oversize denim jackets, denim with prints, suede, mini skirts, checkered, crop-top, striped T-shirts, sport and classical (loafers), minimalist style shoes, different accessories (hippie style) which were trends in the 90s. Hair and make-up was the simplicity and complexity of the balance in the 90s. Who can forget colored, short, different haircuts, bright and minimalist make-up styles of that time?! 

Today, as well as in the world, in Azerbaijan, the 90s trends are very popular among the generation of 1990s.

Lab 151, an Azerbaijani denim brand, recently created by two young ladies who were born in the 90s, Indira Akparova and Valentina Valiyeva, mostly work with prints on denim.

Indira and Valentina are friends who met 4 years ago. Indira is engaged in the creative and visual aspects, Valentina is doing the financial side of their brand.

The girls say that the idea simply came while drinking tea in a kitchen, and after some discussions, they decided to participate in the fashion industry. Valentina says: “I often think about denim, but Indira criticizes my denim.  Her critical approach towards my denim led to the formation of the main purpose of Lab 151”.

The number 151, in the brand name, is birth date of the founders, the lab is kind of laboratory where ideas formated. Valentina says that the main philosophy of the brand is freedom and flexibility. The images of the denim are not drawing from a print machine or application, these prints are hand-drawn. If you want to buy printed denims from Lab 151 you can easily find among the brand’s collection, according 90s fashion, mom, skinny denim trousers, summer denim t-shirts, and denim jackets.

The founders order these denim from America, because the quality of denims’ material and absorbency plays an important role. The girls just appreciate their own work as the work of transmitting the message to the public. They works are not only to transform the 90s fashion into the modern era, they also try to send a message to people in their prints. So you can choose among 90s printed denims works of painter Ali Shamsi, Azerbaijan tales, Mickey Mouse, comparative ballerina prints.


They say that women love to highlight their own individualities and originalities with a polite way. This also coincides with the philosophy of the brand. The friends say: "Our brand offers a way of life, diversity, playfulness, the positive and fun. Today women move away from standard views and choices, and prefer an unusual and attractive way of dressing. We have achieved success in a short time by creating this trend.”


“We would like to note that the interest in our brand comes from neighboring countries too. So, we will be represented not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Kazakhstan, and Moscow, Russia. Of course, we are not satisfied with it, our goal is also to be represented in Milan, Paris, London, New York and Tokyo’s leading "concept stores”.

Ays Ibrahimli, the founder  of “ El Viento”( spanish wind)  accessuar and cafe brand, has her own style. In spite of the fact that she is young, she created her own brand and makes "dreamcatchers", "macrame", "plant hangers", "boho wall hangings".  Recently, she opened a small cafe with the same name where she sells her accessories. Ays has her own style not only in making accessoires but in opening a untypical cafe, also in her own daily clothes. Basically she combines the 90s together: hippie, retro, and vintage style dresses. There are more denim, striped t-shirts in Ays’s wardrobe and she  prefers a more black color.

It i the 90s backed up, but not the same as before, updated and modern.

"Re-brand 90": the nature and motives are the same, but the materials, equipment and new design. Now it is a modern synthetic mesh, with the most incredible colors and shapes, high-quality leather or its derivatives. Even if it is just cotton, it may be knurled, combined and whatever else.


Chai Khana
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