To Be, but Not to Seem!
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The İnsurgents MC are a united people for whom the brotherhood and mutual assistance is not an empty phrase, but a fact of life! In the brotherhood, people won't leave or refuse others in a difficult moment of life when they come to them for help.


Those people are with whom you can share bread with and go to for advice. Those people are people who are glad for your successes and your achievements. And consequently, the members of the club Insurgents MC - are not for everyone...All club members are only males. Club members must have bikes and all the necessary documents, they have to obey biker's codes. Among the club members are various people - designers, mechanics, rescuers, pilots, cytologists, sportsmen, businessmen and so on. However, bikers say that when they put their leather vests on, they stop to be who they were a couple hours ago. 

Nowadays, bikers in Azerbaijan are facing obstacles on their “ways.” The road police started to oppress them for unclear reasons. "If we are violating the law, then fine us, but do not stop us for others’ mistakes".


For being an insurgent, the first thing you must do is to get a support status.
"Death is worth Living, And Love is worth waiting for",a quote by Victor Tsoy on a tshirt.
Insurgents are discussing with other riders about the latest problems on the roads.
They built a club house by themselves. Each member did what he can to build up this club house.
Yustas is making tea for club members.
Club members are celebrating Yustas's birthday.
The Insurgents MC regularly collaborates with local riders also. This time they give presents and certificates to some bikers for their achievements.

The word "Insurgents" is synonymous with “rebel”. Any kind of betrayal, cowardice and meanness is unacceptable for us. The brotherhood means to share similar targets and values.

 Insurgents MC was founded in 2011 by Azerbaijani Riders. They are collaborating with 35 MC's worldwide and 7 of which are the brother MC's.

Chai Khana
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