Treatment with Home Delivery
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A 57-year-old nurse, Marsela Sargsyan, once a week visits the 50 elderly under her supervision, whose addresses she has learnt by heart.  As usual, she knocks on the doors and enters the houses (the lonely elders usually don’t lock the door). Sitting on the nearest chair to the door a nurse starts examining. Very often the elders don’t want her to leave. Forgetting about their complaints they start to tell her endless stories. One of the nurses say that besides the medication, the elderly first of all need to have a conversation.

It is already 12 years since “Hanganak” NGO has been functioning in Stepanakert, Karabakh, with the help of the American “Armenian Women's Welfare Association.” They help the lonely elderly people by providing medical and social help. Medical services are provided by 5 nurses and 1 therapeutist.





73-year-old Julieta Davtyan has а disability of the 2nd group. She suffers from rheumatism and hypertension. It is already the 9th year that “Hanganak” has helped her.
Tovmasyan Vera, 60, has 3-rd group disability. Three years ago she had a stroke. With the help of the doctors, she started to learn alphabet and to speak again.
The health worker of “Hanganak” Lina separates medication according to prescription, so that the nurses can distribute them to the elderly.
90-year old, Zhenya Sargsyan, is a refugee from Sumgayit, Azerbaijan. Because of hypertension she has not been able to leave her house for 3 years.
Valya Arakelyan, 69, broke her right leg 5 years ago, after which complications occurred. Now her right leg is shorter. Once Mrs Valya was a dancer at the State Assembly of Singing and Dancing of NKAO.
Aside from home visits, the doctors of the organization examine patients at the center too. Usually preliminary examination is carried out here, and if needed, they are sent to the city polyclinic with a ticket.
Agnesa Harutyunyan, 83. She suffers from hypertonia and diabetes.
Nora Dadayan, 90, a refugee from Baku, a WW II veteran. During recent years, she has been suffering from arthritis and arthrosis. She moves using a walking stick.

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