"Vosmoy" Bazar, Baku
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There are many main bazars, where people go usually, and one of them and probably the biggest one is located in the 8th district of Baku, named "Vosmoy" (which means the 8th in Russian). It is possible to find everything here, ranging from the necessary things for building homes to the small details for home interiors.


The seller of khachapuri
A rose-selling woman
During the Soviet time, these bottles of water could be seen only in the markets. According, 15 year-old Rashid is selling the water only 2-3 days, and he pays the rent for this place 10 AZN (10 USD) per day, and leaves the benefits belonging to his boss.
The taxi drivers sitting in the trunk of their cars are waiting for their customers who are in a hurry going to home with heavy staffs in their hands.
This time I have decided to show the iron bazar, where the sellers earn less but put much more effort and force.
All products made from iron are in this bazar. While entering the bazar the air becomes heavier, and the sunlight starts to decrease. People work in the semi-dark and this very hot environment.
Traders drink tea from their thermoses.
The seller, Sarhang, is hiding his face from the camera
According to his words, he is working for more than 30 years here, and the money he earns here is enough to cover his rent, which he considers chief in his job.
The person who is selling the refrigerators' engines asked not to be in the photo. "What did you find interesting here? why are you shooting? Our country is flourishing day by day, and you should shoot it not me. And we are watching these 'flowers" from o
The seller is falling asleep due to the fact that there are no enough customers.
“The prices of the staff starts from 12-15 USD untill 60. On average, we may get from selling 100 USD.”
The seller says that unlike the other bazars, there is not a special "season" for the iron bazar, so we work the same all year.
Chai Khana
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