Tirdznisi is a borderline village between South Ossetia and Georgia. During the conflict in August of 2008, people from the village escaped danger. After returning back to the village, local Mariam Buchukuri encountered indifference amongst the villagers towards their problems. She decided to gather around like-minded people and work on solutions for the problems. They were holding meetings at each other’s houses and discussed problem solutions even before they established an organisation and rented an office.

The office of “Shida Kartli community fund for peace and development” is on the road from Tirdznisi from Ditsi. Mariam and other women members of the organisation meet  here everyday.

At first, locals called the office “The office of unmarried women,” because most of the  women here were not married, and the villagers thought that a woman who is not married can not be useful in anything. But now villagers say, that these women do a lot of useful things for the village and help other women, too. 

Mariam and other members of the organisation work closely with the local government to set the priorities and define needs of women living in the village.



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