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In most ways, Satin Aleksanyan, 27, is a typical young woman: she loves soccer, practices yoga and dreams of moving to France.

My Body, My Choice

13 August, 2019

Abortion in Georgia: Legal but restricted

Women in Georgia have the legal right to an abortion. But the increased influence of the Georgian Orthodox Church and the government’s anti-abortion stance are forcing them to use lies and subtafuge to find a doctor willing to handle the procedure.

My Body, My Choice

12 August, 2019

"I do not belong in this body…"

Devran, a 23-year-old transman, has left his home in western Azerbaijan to seek hormonal treatment for gender transitioning.

My Body, My Choice

9 August, 2019

Who controls my body?

Armenia's long standing taboos on open discussions about sexual harassment and violence cracked in July after a journalist, Lucy Kocharyan, turned her Facebook page...

My Body, My Choice

7 August, 2019

What we think about when we dream about home

Reproductive health is always a political question: it’s significant for women’s empowerment, their social status, health, and their right to decide the cours...

My Body, My Choice

5 August, 2019

Living without water in an Armenian village

The residents of Tlik have simple dreams - access to water, for a start.

Our Habitat

24 July, 2019


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