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Armenian miners’ 50/50 life

The town of Akhtala, in Armenia’s northern Lori region, is one of the oldest mining centers in the country. For 255 years, generations of Akhtala residents have wor...

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5 July, 2019

A phantom city

In her short poetic film, Gular Abbasova explores Tbilisi’s human-built environment in an unusual way

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5 July, 2019

Azerbaijan's oil riches threaten priceless bird migration

Azerbaijan is known for its underground riches. But less is known about another priceless natural resource: birds.  

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27 June, 2019

Being a man in the South Caucasus

For many men, the answer is bound up with tradition: toughness and bravery, independence and self-control. Being a man is loyalty, patriotism and strength, inner and phys...


26 June, 2019

Georgian ballet, the home of Balanchine, struggles to attract male dancers

Georgia once gave the world two of its most famous male ballet dancers – George (Giorgi) Balanchine, considered the father of American ballet, and Vakhtang Chabukia...


26 June, 2019

A Soldier and Ballet Dancer

Razmik Marukyan is 19. Like most Armenian men his age, he is serving his mandatory two years of military service. But, unlike the other young men in his unit, Marukyan ha...


26 June, 2019


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