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Unsafe at home in Azerbaijan

As new buildings started to appear in Baku over the past 20 years like mushrooms growing after rain, the question of safe shelter gained importance.


17 October, 2019

A dangerous romance: A love story becomes a sexual assault

She was 25, living at home, struggling to find her place in her tiny village. He was on Facebook, ready to listen to her needs, her wants, her fears. She spent hours, days, weeks, months with him.


15 October, 2019

What will the neighbors say?

Aysel was overcome with the fear that someone would see her out, would catch her speaking to a stranger – a boy – and would start rumors at home that she was...


9 October, 2019

Fear and uncertainty: The life of Georgians in Gali

That is the distance that separates ethnic Georgians living in breakaway Abkhazia from Georgian-controlled territory. It was the distance separating Badri*, 34, from his...


9 October, 2019

Drawing peace in a time of war

Children in the Armenian village of Aygepar live with the sounds of bullets.  They were born on the frontlines of the 31-year conflict between Armenia and Azerbaija...


3 October, 2019

A new generation of phobias

This film touches on today’s reality. I believe that fears are meant to change along with the times. I wanted to show the types of phobias that new technologies bri...


2 October, 2019


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